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Body Stains

Provided Body Stains can be well presented to the body formulas for usages, such as tinting white-wares and ceramic dolls. When utilized at high percentages, these can display really vibrant hues. Usually referred to as ceramic colors, these can expand potter’s palette with boundless possibilities. The products offer a wide ambit of color possibilities in clay bodies, on-glazes in-glazes and under-glazes. To attain a full ambit of consistent ceramic colors, these can be utilized with salts and metallic oxides, many of which are toxic or soluble. The utilization of these two elements can make enhance the stability of the provided Body Stains. 

Key Points :
  • Capable to solve many problems that can be founded in the utilization of plain oxides.
  • Applicable for ceramics, pottery, art-ware, bricks, sanitary wares.
  • Can be used straight by just mixing with water, but are more usually used as colorants in glazes & clay bodies.
  • Can be mixed with each other so as to attain even more colors.
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Red Stain Pigments

Red Stain Pigments are water soluble colors that find their application in construction, woodworking, ceramics, and plastic industry. They provide excellent shiny finish on the applied surface with smooth & uniform coat. These stains can easily be painted on furniture, tiles, fences, and metal doors. These pigments are manufactured by sintering ingredients in furnaces at high temperature. They are acid washed after grinding to provide resistance from dissolving in glaze melts.

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Coral Red Body Stains

Coral Red Body Stains are used for coloring tiles, bricks, artware, ceramics, pottery, and sanitary ware. They contain specific amounts of iron, zinc, chromium, and aluminum. These stains are known to provide bright & strong coloring that is wash fast in nature. They are applied by mixing in water or other desired solvent and applied as a uniform & smooth coat using a brush. These colors have high dispersion rate, UV resistance, and also act as a flame retardant.