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Ceramic Glaze

Ceramic Glaze is illustrious as an impervious finishing or layer of a vitreous matter that has been amalgamated to a ceramic body via the process of firing. The topping can serve to waterproof, color and decorate the item. The procedure of the provided product provides earthenware vessels suited for the holding of liquids, waterproofing the integral porosity of unglazed biscuit ceramic ware. It also provides a tougher surface and has been made with the raw material silica that stays as the primary glass former. Ceramic Glaze needs to include a ceramic flux that suffices via boosting partial liquefaction in the clay structures and several other glaze materials. 

Key Points :
  • Used on porcelain & stoneware, these can make an assortment of surface finishes.
  • Capable to proffer glossy as well as matte finish & color to various finishing.
  • Can enhance the underlying texture or design either inscribed, painted unmodified or carved.
  • Can be applied via dry-dusting a dry substance over the clay body surface.
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Frit Glaze

Frit Glaze is matured at the temperature below 1150 degrees Celsius and is fused in a special fusing oven resulting in the formation of granulated glass. It can be availed as blue frit manufactured from quartz, lime, copper, & alkali flux and as malachite green frit. This is used for rendering soluble materials, improving process safety of toxic materials, to improve melt predictability, and to supply boron as a principle flux in ceramic processes.

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Ceramic Glaze

Ceramic Glaze is applied by fusing to the vase or bottle’s body as a vitreous coat through firing. It is comprised of a ceramic flux which works by promoting partial liquefaction in the applied material. This glaze also consists of silica that acts as the main glass former and metal oxides including calcium, potassium, & sodium which work as flux for lowering the melting temperature. It serves as a base material for color and as waterproof material as well.

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Transparent Frit Glaze

Transparent Frit Glaze is manufactured by the ceramic glass which is premixed from raw powdered minerals melted & cooled by quenching in water. It assures excellent fired quality, lower melting temperature, smooth surface, and lower thermal expansion. With the combination of frit & type of additive, it can produce infinite effects on the applied surface. Frit improves the quality of decoration, achieve homogeneity in the melt, avoid volatilization of gases during decomposition, and provide consistency & repeatability in production.