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Ceramic Pigments

Ceramic Pigments are used for developing color in inorganic colors such as ceramic or glass. The decorating industry also utilizes these pigments with suitable fluxes in glaze applications. In addition to this, they are also used in the domain of plastics and inks. They can disperse themselves at very-high processing temperatures without any kind of dissolution or chemical reaction. They are available in different colors and shades; hence they can be used as a coloring agent owing to high thermal stability.
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Deep Orange Pigment

Deep Orange Pigment is widely used in engobes, glazes, and for coloring metal structures including frames, doors, & window panes. It is produced by treating all the required ingredients at controlled high temperature in industrial furnaces. This pigment can easily be mixed with water or other solvent and later applied as a uniform coat using brush. It is known for its excellent chemical & UV resistance and high durability.

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Peacock Green Pigments

Peacock Green Pigments are utilized for various applications including plastics, resins, coatings, art & craft, glazing, and graphics. To provide pearl effect, they are coated with titanium dioxide and are formulated using cobalt, chromium, and aluminum. These pigments are known to have excellent stability under high temperature and have the ability to withstand up to 1250 degree Celsius. They also find their use in the artificial pearls manufacturing industry.

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Pink Ceramic Pigment

Pink Ceramic Pigment is tin & chromium based coloring agent utilized for floor tiles, ceramic craftwork, porcelain, toys, and metal made structures as well. It has the firing temperature range of 1050 to 1250 degree Celsius. This pigment is known for its high heat resistance, chemical stability, and excellent dispersion rate. It also finds its application for mosaic work and textiles. This pigment is water insoluble in nature and is dissolved in specific solvent required according to the purpose of use.

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Praseodymium Yellow Ceramic Pigments

Praseodymium Yellow Ceramic Pigments are the coloring agents used in water based & printing inks, sanitary, ceramic items, and plastic products. They are comprised of praseodymium, zirconium, and silicone in accurate quantities. These pigments have firing temperature of up to 1250 degree Celsius and are prepared by sintering the mixture in high temperature furnace under controlled conditions. They provide bright & vibrant color to the surface of workpiece with excellent shiny appearance.

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Silver Grey Pigments

Silver Grey Pigments are little shiny coloring powders that are used by dissolving in appropriate solvent and applying as a coat using brush. They are highly resistant to extreme temperature conditions and are suitable for all type of materials including stone, plastic, concrete, metal, and glass. These pigments can be prepared by mixing quartz & small amounts of feldspar, calcite, pyrite, and hematite. They can be availed in light and dark shades as required according to the choice of customers.

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Yellowish Brown Ceramic Pigments

Yellowish Brown Ceramic Pigments are made with the mixture of two separate coloring agents in variable quantities as desired. They are ideal to be used for decorative items made from glass, wood, ceramic, & metal, automobile accessories, textiles, and paper. These pigments are light fast in nature, have excellent chemical stability, and good thermal resistance. They are known to have zinc ferrite in appropriate quantities to impart required color shade.

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Reddish Brown Pigments

Reddish Brown Pigments are the premium choice when rust color is required on any surface with supreme finish. They offer supreme tinting strength, excellent dispersion rate, and high color consistency. These pigments are suitable for coloring alloy made structures as corrosion proof coating, ceramic items for decoration, and glassware to provide them opacity. They are perfectly tested for their light & wash fast nature and high UV resistance.

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Sn-Sb Grey Ceramic Pigments

Sn-Sb Grey Ceramic Pigments are suitable for coloring wall, floor, & mosaic tiles, architectural structures, enamel, household porcelain, and pottery. They are formulated using accurate amounts of tin & antimony with other additives. These pigments are known to have high gloss transparency, good flatness, wide firing scope range from 1050 to 1280 degree Celsius, and shiny surface finish. They are available in variable quantities as required by the customer.

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Inclusion Red Ceramic Pigment

Inclusion Red Ceramic Pigment is cadmium based coloring agent which is enclosed on zircon crystals to assure its stability. It has firing temperature of about 1300 degree Celsius and is suitable to be used for earthenware glazes, sanitary ware, stoneware, & tableware. This inorganic pigment is highly resistant to acids & alkalis and is known to have supreme dispersion rate with strong tinting power. It is water insoluble with odorless nature. 

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Chrome Green Pigments

Chrome Green Pigments are generally prepared by precipitating Prussian blue on chrome yellow in specific quantities to get the desired shade. They are made from an inorganic compound having chemical formula Cr2O3 with molecular weight 151.9904 g/mol. These pigments are ideal for coloring leather made products, fabrics, glass items, and metal alloys as well. They are water insoluble compounds that require alcohol based solvents for making a solution.

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Coffee Ceramic Pigments

Coffee Ceramic Pigments are the inorganic coloring agents that are prepared by sintering raw ingredients at high temperature in furnaces. They are used in the preparation of printing inks, paints, coloring of ceramic craftwork, & plastic ware. These pigments are known for their beautiful shades, high dispersion rate, water soluble nature, and high durability. They enhance the life of workpiece and also serve as a protective & waterproof coating.

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Maroon Red Ceramic Pigment

Maroon Red Ceramic Pigment is a type of an inorganic powder required for coloring floor & wall tiles, water & alcohol based inks, paints, offset inks, and plastic products. It is an inclusion pigment having firing temperature range of 1000 to 1280 degree Celsius. This pigment is highly appreciated for having excellent tinting power, high dispersion, and great covering ability. It is a multi utility purpose pigment which is suitable to be utilized as body, glaze, & inclusion stains.

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Agate Red Ceramic Pigment

Agate Red Ceramic Pigment is strong & bright coloring agent which finds its application in paint, metal fabricating, automobile, ink processing, and rubber products manufacturing industries. Its color belongs to the shade of a protective stone used to shield negative energies and rid of anxiety. This pigment is water soluble inorganic powder which disperses evenly on any kind of ceramic, concrete, or stone surface. It is also utilized for coloring artificial gemstones, beads, and decorative items.

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Bright Peach Ceramic Pigment

Bright Peach Ceramic Pigment finds its application in water color, crayons, paint, printing inks, & textile industries. It can also be used for adding in clay bodies & glazes and provide excellent finish with uniformity. This pigment is known for its high temperature & UV resistance, good dispersion rate, and easy water solubility. It can also be applied to the pre painted surface as a liquid solution with the help of brush. 

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Grey Pigments

Grey Pigments can be prepared by combining ingredients of carbon black & lead white pigments in precise quantities under the vigilance of highly skilled professionals. They are extensively utilized in automobile and metal processing industries for applying as a color & rust proof coat over the work pieces. These pigments provide smooth and shiny surface appearance with mesmerizing glossy finish. They also provide excellent UV resistance having stability with lime & cement.

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Peacock Blue Ceramic Pigment

Peacock Blue Ceramic Pigment is cobalt, chromium, & aluminum based coloring agent having firing temperature of up to 1250 degree Celsius. It is ideal to be used in pulp & paper, textile, rubber, plastic, glass, and wood processing industries. This inorganic pigment is utilized for coloring roof tile, bricks, tiles, pottery, and households & handicraft ceramics. It also acts as high heat resistant glaze for numerous decorative structures.  

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Inclusion Yellow Ceramic Pigment

Inclusion Yellow Ceramic Pigment is comprised of cadmium, sulfur, zirconium, and silicone having high heat resistance of up to 1300 degree Celsius. It has the capability to withstand adverse weather conditions and is known to have excellent chemical stability. This pigment is required for coloring floor tiles, ceramic made structures, Plastic & glassware, and enamel based products. It is highly appreciated for its strong tinting strength and excellent dispersion rate.

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Vanadium Zirconium Blue Pigment

Vanadium Zirconium Blue Pigments are widely used in ceramic glazes to give alluring structural finish and high durability. They are formulated using specific quantities of several compounds including ArO2, SiO2, & V2O5 in presence of alkali. These pigments are also utilized for manufacturing dyes, inks, water colors, and in printing applications. They can also be prepared by hydrolysis of liquid aerosols having a mixture of zirconium propoxide & VOCl3.